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This year, exceptionally, our Chalenge that will take place on the 21st and 22nd of September will welcome only two categories : the Under 18 and the Under 23, due to the proximity of the World Young Championship in Alassio, but the spectators will not be disapointed as many nations that usually do not come to our Challenge as the South american, Asian and Oceanian Nations will be able to participate and be transported to Alassio. So, our Challenge will be the last test before the World Chamionship.

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The Denis Ravera's International Challenge was created in 2008 to honor the memory of the President of the Club Bouliste du Rocher, who died in 2007.

Monegasque Politician, in particular Government Counsellor for Social Affairs, Denis Ravera has done a lot for the bowls in the Principality.

He is thus responsible for the implementation of bowls initiation in schools in the Principality, he also used his influence to create the Bouliste Formation Centre.

Without the volunteers, our Challenge could not be held. Here they are .Click on the photo to resize.
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